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How does it work?

The Swish Live application allows you to broadcast live as on TV your sporting events. Swish Live is the reference application to make live and discover your exploits.

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Our Features

Let yourself be guided and broadcast your sports events with a simple click thanks to the Swish Live application !

highlights swish live

Best moments

Capture in Hd the best moments of the game with the Time Capsule feature

tripod swish live

Multi camera

Connect a second smartphone to get a second angle

scoreboard swish live

Incrustation of the score

Take advantage of scoreboards for over 30 sports

remote swish live

Remote control

With the remote feature, you can remotely control the overlay of your game

swish live smartphone solution

Broadcast live instantly on

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Simple. HD. AI Tracking.

Our AI camera:
Swili cam coming soon

Would you like to broadcast all your matches live in HD without a cameraman?
It's now possible with the Swili©

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Some examples

*broadcasts made with an iphone X

Toulouse / Football / Ligue 1

Autore Vitré / Basketball / Nat 1

Trentino / Volley / Super Lega

🇳🇱 / Futsal / Eredivisie

Multisport Zapping 1

Multisport Zapping 2

Let's go!

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Only the score functionality is blocked

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"Swish live offers us an ideal solution for our human and financial resources. This application is extremely easy to use and offers us new communication and sponsorship opportunities."
Luc volleyball
Julien Carrel
Lausanne University Club
Julien carrel LUC volleyball
"Commentator for Radio Roazhon and Aurore Vitré, I use the app at all the club's matches, it allows us to gather and federate the Green Nation around the team's exploits!"
Aurora glazed
Arthur Niel,
Aurore Vitré
Arthur Niel Vitré
"Swish Live allows people far away to follow the matches with the score embedded. It energizes our page and professionalizes our lives.
FFvolley team
Franck Varambon,
French Cadet Volleyball Team
FF volley team