Which equipment to choose to broadcast a live show? 

All the info here are tips from our experience, of course you can use other smartphones and hardware.

These are tips to ensure you the best configuration to use to broadcast live: which tripod, which smartphone or which microphone. We have no financial interest in advising you on this equipment. 


Having a good tripod is really important, to follow the action without jerks. Here is a good quality tripod for an affordable price (50€). Manfrotto is a trusted brand, very reliable and solid, the tripod will last 20 years without any problem
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manfrotto tripod for swish live application

📱Most importantly, which phone?

Swish Live works exactly the same way on iPhone and Android but you need a relatively new device to not have any problems (6 to 7 years old maximum)

Here are some tips for choosing a phone:

If the phone is older than 6 years, it may cause broadcasting problems.
We're not saying it won't work, just that there may be overheating or disconnection issues due to the phone version.

If you have a choice between iPhone and Android, most of the time choose iPhone devices for live streaming with Swish Live.

We're not Apple fans, it's just much easier to develop live streaming software on Apple systems than Android.

All models are the same with Apple, while on Android, depending on the phone manufacturer, two phones can be very different (screen size, chipset, battery etc...)

But the quality of the live stream depends much more on the connection than on the quality of the camera or the phone, here are two live streams filmed and broadcasted with Swish Live, one on Android and the other on Apple :

Android 720p:
🏉 Rugby broadcast with an Android in 720p

Hockey broadcast with an Android in 720p

iPhone 720p:
🏀 Basketball broadcast with an iphone 8

iPhone 1080p :🤾♂️
Handball broadcast with an iphone X in 1080p

🎤 Which microphone to choose according to which budget?

First of all, the microphone on your hands-free headset will work and will be enough to comment on your match, but if you want better sound or a more practical configuration here are some tips:

‍1commentator or 2 sharing the same microphone: 10 to 30€

/ Jackadapter: Apple Lightning to Mini Jack 3, 5 mm adapter

Microphone with one jack output

2commentators with 2 microphones: 30 to 60€

Double-headed tie microphone with tie

Adapter that adapts signal for iRig phone