Swish Live Ambassador Program

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Join our ambassador program and earn money from your referrals.
As a Swish Live ambassador, you will receive the following benefits:

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Receive a commission for your recommendations
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These commissions are progressive, the more you talk about it around you, the more it pays you!
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Receive a bonus when you subscribe to the Pro or camera version of your sponsored clubs

Become an ambassador:

Following this request, we will answer you by email within 48 hours. Depending on the number of clubs that become Swish Live customers thanks to you, here is:
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Note that any "camera taken" version via an ambassador earns a €100 bonus over the "Basic" offer and a €50 bonus for the "Pro" offer. 


I have referred someone who is or has been a client,
is it possible to claim the commission? 
I want to recommend a club, how do I do it? 
How will I be paid? 
I am not a Swish Live customer but I would like to
sponsor someone, is this possible?