Simple. HD. AI Tracking.

Our AI camera:
Swili cam coming soon

Would you like to broadcast all your matches live in HD without a cameraman?
it's now possible with the Swili ©
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Live broadcasting made easy!

is the first Ai camera truly dedicated to live broadcasting: simple and reliable, all clubs can now lay claim to professional broadcasting.

ai tracking neuron

AI Tracking

Automated broadcasting and live production, no need for a cameraman,
la Swili takes care of everything!
4K capture video

4K sensor

2 4K sensors scan the field for impeccable image quality
tactical view / Broadcast view

Broadcast mode

Recording and broadcasting of tactical mode (expanded view for coaches) and spectator mode (Ai ball tracking) for fans

Broadcast your matches

effortlessly with the Swili cam and its tracking technology,
broadcast and produce all your matches in 4K without a cameraman

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