Swish Live: Academy

Learn, step by step, how to master our solution
and become an expert in live broadcasting!

🥉 Getting started with Swish Live: the basics

Download the application

Start by downloading the application and creating your account. 

Broadcast live on your page, group or facebook profile.

Add your partners' logos

Learn here how to inlay your partners' logos or full screen images via your swishlive.com space

🥈Become a pro with the Swish Live solution

2.1 Using the remote

How to remotely interact with another smartphone with live overlay

How to schedule a live on Facebook or Youtube with the RTMP feature 

2.3 Capture the best moments with the time capsule

Capture the best moments as you live them with the time capsule feature that allows you to record the best actions of the match. Capture the 20 seconds before the click and 10 seconds after!

🥇 Master all Swish Live features

3.1 Simulcasting with restream.IO

Learn how to broadcast on two platforms at the same time with our RTMP and restream.io feature. For example, broadcast on youtube and facebook at the same time. 

Connect two iphones to have an additional angle of capture:

Camera solution

With this tutorial, you will understand how the Swish Live camera solution works